Here are some of the websites, blogs, and apps we use to plan our trips:


Skyscanner – I usually go to this website first when I am searching for flights. My favorite features include:

  • Searching by the cheapest month for a route instead of by specific dates:
  • Searching by specific dates with an unknown location:

Momondo – After using Skyscanner to narrow down the cheapest dates for a flight, I go to Momondo. This website seems to have even cheaper prices.


Google Translate – We’ve used this app countless times in Asia, but it works for 100 languages! There are a couple features that have been a savior to us. First is the voice feature, you can speak to the app and it will translate outloud to the language you choose. Next, the photo mode. Yes, you can put your smartphone camera over a sign or menu and it will translate real time. Google translate won’t translate perfectly, but if you speak and/or type simply, you can usually get your point across. I’ve linked the desktop version, but you can also download the app for IOS and Android.

As I remember more resources, I will add them! Be sure to comment if there’s something that you’ve found useful when planning a trip.