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Benya Honeymoon Day 82 (12/2/19): Of course, we ignored the warnings before we ventured on the trail. “Don’t bring a backpack.” Don’t wear a hat or sunglasses.” What might cause someone to write such a review on TripAdvisor? Monkeys.🐒 Lots of monkeys. As if doing 1260 steps in 90 degree weather and 100 percent humidity wasn’t enough, monkey attacks were probable, maybe? Quickly we ascended the stairs, but no sooner did we start, two devious creatures jumped onto Andrea’s pack. She continued walking without knowledge of the free loaders until I shouted, “Andrea! There are monkeys on your pack!”. Stunned, Ben and I followed her up the stairs, but we had no idea how to act. We witnessed them opening the zippers of her pack, investigating its contents, and withdrawing sunblock and hand sanitizer before alleviating their worried carrier. Hearts beating quickly for us all, we hurried up the stairs to safety and observed as the monkeys threw the bottles off to the side after realizing they’d scored something not nearly as good as a banana. We continued onward and finally made it to our destination without a monkey in sight. We conquered the crazed animals, stairs and heat! 360 views, a most gorgeous Buddha and clear skies made it all worth it. We were smarter on the way down; we awaited other tourists to pass prior to our scurried descent as to avoid any interest again.

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