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Daily updates from our time in Laos.

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Benya Honeymoon Day 48 – 49 (10/29/19 – 10/30/19): We were determined to make it to Laos after cutting our trip short the day prior because of rain; therefore, we hopped on our bikes at sunrise and drove 320 km to Lak Sao, Laos. The drive on the 29th, was without disruption; we knew there would be some potential issues at the borders with our motorbikes, but we didn’t anticipate being denied. We got our passports stamped, paid our exit fee, and handed our visa over to the Vietnamese officer inside of the border building (he didn’t see our bikes), but as soon as we got out of the building, onto our bikes and to the final Vietnam gate, the officer said “No, no motorbikes”. Using google translate, we went back and forth with him asking why, etc. but then he had to deal with the huge queue of semi trucks trying to pass and held onto our passports. Ben and I just waited, for one hour, and he came out saying that we weren’t allowed to pass with the motorbikes at this border crossing and had to go to another, or leave the bikes and walk across the border. So, we waited more, finally, another officer came out and started arguing with the now 6 border officers that were by our bikes and us; he gave us our passports and said “Go, go on” as the other officer who denied us prior was saying something to him in Vietnamese. Ben jumped so quickly on his bike speeding off while I looked at the officer who granted us passage saying “cảm ơn bạn” (thank you in Vietnamese) and he smiled. Next, we arrived at the Laos border, which was another issue as we didn’t know we had to pay to get in and all we had were Japanese Yen and Mexican Pesos. After negotiating with the border officer, she refused our offer to give the Yen-Pesos combo and handed us our passports over with a big smile. Ben and I drove through the gate and once we passed a bend, out of sight from the border officers, we threw a fist up in the air yelling “WOOOHOOO” – WE MADE IT TO LAOS!

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