Written by Anya Marie

Question: 18 months?! Wow. Did you save up money or are you working along the way?

Answer: We saved up money so that we didn’t have to worry about working, getting jobs, etc.

Question: How did you save up enough money to travel for 18 months?

Answer: Well, Ben and I focused on eliminating our debt. First, we evaluated our finances to see what we were spending our money on. Housing and food were the top hitters! Easy enough. As a result, I moved out of my 1 bedroom apartment into a room in a couple’s house. Meanwhile, Ben traded a room in an apartment for a van! Yup… he lived in a van until we got married, which meant nearly $0 in housing costs. On top of all of this, we stopped eating out as much and cooked our meals. Once my loans were paid off, the payment amount was then just funneled into a high-interest savings account with Ally.

Question: Did you quit your jobs? 

Answer: Yes and no. My boss gave me permission to take a sabbatical, which I am forever grateful for! Ben quit his job though and plans to start his own company when we return.

Question: Have you planned out everything?

Answer: No, we made an itinerary for the 18 months based on what country we would be in and when. We planned more In locations where family and friends are going to visit.

Question: Are you not sick of each other yet?

Answer: Not at all! To be honest, it’s been fun to get to know each other more as newlyweds. I wouldn’t say it’s for every couple, but maybe it’s a good way to know you’re ACTUALLY compatible 😀

Question: What do you miss from home?

Answer: Mexican food and being able to drink water from the tap.

Question: Is it exhausting to be traveling all of the time?

Answer: Yes and no. At the start of the trip, we really were constantly moving, which was exhausting. It’s definitely nice to stay in a place more than 1 or 2 nights. We got a condo in Bangkok after my dad left and worked on Japan plans, the blog and just relaxed; we needed the break. Going forward we will definitely make sure we have more time to relax after adventures.

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